On this page you will find links to some interesting projects that you might like to try yourself.

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Don Smith

Walking Stick

I came up with an idea to make a four part walking stick which would come apart so that it could be packed away in a suitcase for when we went on holiday so what follows is how I came to make it.

Stand for Galileo Thermometer

The idea behind this design was to make a base that was large enough for stability and then a top that would drop over the main body locking it in to place.

Candle Sticks

Designs for candlesticks

Money Box

How I designed the fitting and holding of the lid.  I will add a drawing at the end just to give you some idea of dimensions.

Wee Wily Winky

Drawing and dimensions for candlestick and holder

Christmas Lantern

Drawing and dimensions for Christman Lantern

Bill Thorne

How to cut/split green logs for drying

Your stack should be out of the direct sun, preferably in a draughty place, cover the top of the stack against rain.

Use any old paint, some of that old emulsion left over from painting the lounge will do (you know you won’t use it indoors again, because the wife will want a different colour next time)


To view details for Bill Thorne’s Reindeer Project click on the link below

Rough turning wet wood bowl blanks

I turn a number of bowls together & leave them in the workshop to dry.I find on average; the whole process takes three to four weeks to complete.

Dave Hutchings

Christmas Crackers

Two detailed diagrams showing how to produce both a Christmas Cracker and a Christmas Cracker tree decoration 

Paul Nesbit


Diagram with dimensions to turn an elegant lady

Mike Haselden

Cocktail Stick/Toothpick Holder

A guide for the production of a box and lid with raising internal section

John Wyatt

Celtic Knots

The patterns produced by this technique are fascinating and far easier to produce than you might think

Dave Appleby

Chuck & Apple

A guide to produce a useful chuck to use in the production of turning an apple

Chuck & Egg

Another useful chuck to hold and remove the ends off when turning an egg shape

Jean Turner

Eccentric Chuck Jaws

The Very Useful Wood Jaws and things you can make to go with them