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Woodturning is a great hobby where anyone can achieve impressive results. Fancy giving it a try as a beginner or further developing your existing skill set. Come and join our group of enthusiastic amateurs and highly skilled instructors.

Next Saturday Club

APRIL 13th 2024

A morning of help and guidance on all aspects of woodturning with hands on training. Demonstrations on the next competition piece. Sharpen your gouges on our Robert Sorby Pro Edge or just come along for a sociable chat and drink with fellow woodturners.

Tuesday Club Night

APRIL 16th 2024

Club Demonstrator

Julie Barker

Competition Time

Beginners/Novice : Apple & Pear

Introduction by Club Chairman

Richard Ayers

“The Forest of Bere Woodturning Association is a well established club of enthusiastic members, men and women, who enjoy the craft of woodturning.  Some are highly skilled and experienced turners but most are simply people who have come across it and would like to do more, enjoying the shared learning experience with like minded friends along the way.

If you have any interest in Woodturning, or would like to have, why not come along to one of our meetings; we are a friendly and welcoming bunch!

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, with demonstrations from top amateur and professional turners, at St. Nicholas Church Hall, Belmont Grove, Bedhampton PO9 3PU.

On the morning of every 2nd Saturday each month we have practical, hands on sessions in the hall where experienced, skilful turners reveal some of the do’s and don’ts, and let members practise their skills or learn new ones.

Please feel most welcome to join us or alternatively contact one of our committee members.”

Club Announcements

We need more Photos of club work

Share photos of any work you have produced. It doesn’t matter what level you are, be proud of what you produce.
Send using the target link, contact our webmaster, Nick Rose or any committee member at one of our meetings.

Car sharing is a good way to go forward both for our pockets and the environment. Please either arrange with fellow members yourselves or inform a committee member so we can match you to those nearby.

Don’t forget to bring along your competition pieces and anything you have produced and are pleased with. Friendly rivalry within all levels of club members encourages exploration and development of your skills. So lets see the display tables filling up.

We will continue to monitor the Covid situation and issue advice when necessary