Ken Briffett Challenge 2023


This is the title of the 2023 Woodturning challenge for ALL members of the Forest of Bere Woodturners.

The aim is for each member to produce one or more woodturned items that relate in some way with the title. There may be an opportunity to combine this with your monthly competition piece, e.g. the cheese project could have had a good connection with “Three blind mice”. Opportunity missed !!!

There are plenty of option’s with varying degrees of difficulty. Try making a list of words, phrases or objects with a “three“ connection.  Select one that appeals to you, then use this as your starting point for your translation into a 3D turned talking point. You may also have the opportunity to make alternative designs from your selected subject.

Adopt, Adapt and Improve

Ken Briffett

The Oxford Dictionary's definition of Triplicity
1: The state of being triple
2 : A group of things
3 : Astrology. A set of three zodiacal signs


It would be very helpful to have members creations ready for display at the September meeting, when pieces for the S.A.W.S. Inter Club Competition will be selected.
Hopefully there will be a second display, with a few extra pieces at the Christmas meeting/Event.

Kens personal archive examples are for inspiration.
If you wish to discuss your ideas with Ken you can contact him on 023 9248 3625.