Written by Don Smith


Today started as any other Saturday with welcoming everyone and then explaining that John not was able to come and that there would be a spare lathe whilst Alan would be showing techniques on turning Goblets whilst I would be there to answer questions.

Photo 1
Photo 2

Photo 1 shows Daniel under instruction from David Moore, Photo 2 showing Alan whilst Photo 3 describing holding methods for bowl blanks for first turnings.
Half time came and a discussion was held and it was decided that we would do the same next moth but with two spare lathes as I will be on a Blacksmithing course.
(I hope to bring in a number of turning tools for sale before the meeting starts).
The last Photo 4 shows Steve discribing how to sharpen tools using the Robert Sorby grinding system to Duncan.
The morning came to an end and thanks to all those who stayed behind and helped clean up and put away.

Photo 3
Photo 4



Tonight started in the usual way with a welcome to new members and guest. The chairman then explained that we were going to hold a stall at the forthcoming Stanstead Garden Show and requested for items to be displayed and also for sale. A list as been posted for any member who feels that they could help in anyway and asked for them to put their name on the list. More details at the May meeting.
Now was the time to introduce Julie Barker as tonights demonstrator.
Julie took the floor and told us that tonight’s demo would be using Pewter so placing a small bowl blank on the lathe she started to turn the piece so that she could apply the molten Pewter.

Photo 1
Photo 2

Photo 1shows Julie facing up the face whilst photo 2 shows the groove being made to accept the molten Pewter.  Removing the piece including the chuck so that it would stand flat for ease of filling the groove with Pewter.  Picking up her melting scoop a number of small pieces of Pewter into the bowl and picking up the Blow Torch began to heat the pewter before pouring it slowly into the groove.

Photo 3
Photo 4

Julie made two bowls to show the process of adding the molten Pewter as seen in photo 3 then photo 4 shows the beginning of turning the metal down. Unfortunatly Julie couldn’t finish the project but explained how to finish the piece. Being this as her very first demonstration it was very well presented and was award with a very well earned round of applause.
The next photos show the Competition table photo;s 5 and 6with photo’s 7 and 8 the Display Table.

Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
Photo 8

The evening finished with the competition results being read out with a thank you to Julie for her demo. The clearing up got underway and it was then time to close up the hall and head for home.

Written and photographs by Don Smith.